Tysinger Promotions, Inc. is lead by a Senior Team of three talented women: President Wendy Tysinger Stallings, Executive Vice President Whitney Crosslin, and Vice President of Sales & Marketing Katie Stewart. The Senior Team leads a skilled staff that works cohesively to perform each project on a daily basis. TPI has successfully maintained long-term client relationships, consistently delivered top notch services, and continuously grown as a team and company.

Each Senior Team member has their own strengths and resources that help make TPI a unified, professional, and exciting company. Below are informative details about each member and some insight as to how we are a successful group and why it’s fun to work with us.

Wendy Tysinger Stallings  President
Motivated, passionate and an all around saleslady extraordinaire, Wendy Stallings, has been honing in on her keen ability to put ideas into motion since TPI was born in 2000. Wendy’s spirit and tenacity keeps her team on the path of growth and success, and lights the fire of inspiration. Her knack for seeing the possibility and making the connection between TPI and the client is always spot on – making her a true visionary.

5 things you’ve just got to know about the Boss Lady

  1. Graduate of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Campbell Law School
  2. Loves listening to Christmas Music 365 days of the year
  3. Encourages spontaneous dancing in the office (to get the creative juices flowing of course)
  4. Must have a checklist at ALL times
  5. Her “true passion” is meteorology; particularly when flying or boating with her husband and lab, Jake.


Whitney Crosslin Executive Vice President

Creative, detail oriented and a customer service guru, Whitney Crosslin, has the gift of meshing each one of these attributes into a truly unique skill set. Whitney’s superior project management skills and ability to focus on the customer’s goals has brought much accomplishment to TPI over the years. Her love of logistics plays a vital roll in event planning –  a must when it comes to pulling off a seamless event.

5 things you’ve just got to know about the EVP

  1. Graduate of Radford University
  2. Loves a notebook with labeled tabs
  3. Has a passion for overly priced handbags
  4. Wants to take home every stray kitty she sees on the side of the road
  5. Proud to watch her husband tune a Top Fuel Dragster to 300+ mph.


Katie Stewart Vice President of  Sales & Marketing

Energetic, driven and savvy with ALL things technology, Katie Stewart, has brought a real sense of vitality to the TPI Team. Katie’s approach to growth and keeping ideas fresh at TPI has been a real asset and has kept the team on their toes. Her knowledge of social media as it relates to new projects and clients plays an integral part in TPI’s constant evolution. She’s quick to pick up on a clients’ vision and timely with her flawless follow through.

5 things you’ve just got to know about the VP of S&M

  1. Graduate of the University of Georgia
  2. Proud Mama of a full blooded Bassett Hound, Emma
  3. Animal Reality Show junky
  4. Can bake a Cheesecake like nobody’s business
  5. Loves the game of soccer and still has battle scars from her days playing at UGA